On Saturday the 13th of January 2024, the team at Midlands Care enjoyed our first ever winter award ceremony event, designed to celebrate the wonderful achievements and hard work of our staff. Organised by Head Office colleagues Alex and Lara, the event comprised of a three course dinner, speeches and musical demonstrations and of course the award presentation itself. It was a brilliant uniting event enjoyed by all, and something we certainly hope to continue with in future.

Our Aims

The primary objective of the award ceremony event, as mentioned, was to appreciate our wonderful staff. Having reflected on our wellbeing and community efforts thus far, we felt we could do more to demonstrate our gratitude for this sector that is so often underappreciated and yet so essential to many. It was an opportunity to treat our staff with both an invitation to the evening itself, but also through the many speeches on the night where we shared our positive reflections. We also used the evening to launch our partnership with Charity Age UK, further integrating us in the community through supporting a cause close to our hearts. We hope that this evening acted not only as a bonding experience, where everyone in the Midlands Care family had a rare chance to come together as one in a more social environment, but equally helped set 2024 off to a positive and productive start.

The Voting Process

The evening was designed to be solely focussed on our staff, and the voting process was no different. What made the event so special was that all awards were voted for by colleagues and so demonstrated the real difference that people were making to those around them.  There were ten categories in total, an Employee of the Year for each of our seven residential homes and our Head Office, as well as a deputy manager, home manager and overall, Midlands Care Employee of the Year. Homes had a month to vote via our online system, and the top five nominees in each category were invited with a free ticket.  We found that in many cases, those who were nominated were un-sung heroes including domestic and night staff, making the evening even more special. The Midlands Care Employee of the Year was an especially momentous award, being one decided by the directors and honouring a lifetime of service and achievement.

Our Wonderful Winners: