Alex Cooke 24/4/24

How do you choose the right care home for you?

Finding the right care home is a big decision and there a number of factors to consider. You want somewhere safe, secure and comfortable. Somewhere with activities, events and food choices that suit your preference. You want a care home near friends and loved ones or in a familiar location. But most importantly, you want somewhere that feels like home. Every person has different needs and so it is essential that you take the time to invest yourself in the process, in order to best suit your unique circumstance.

Whilst we can’t make this decision for you, here is our step-by-step guide when looking for the perfect home to help you along the way:


  • First things first, sit down and work out your requirements.

What is your financial situation like, will you be looking for any assistance from the council or are you privately funding? There are lots of resources online to help you decide this, but this one from the NHS is one of our favourites:


We would also suggest if you are searching on behalf of a friend or relative, taking the time to sit with them to better understand what is most important for them in finding a new home. From here you can prioritise location and amenities better in your search. Also take the time to realistically think about the type of care that you will be needing. A thorough assessment will be completed later, but it is good to know what their main challenges are at this stage.


  • We recommend starting your search online. Of course, our website is a fabulous place to look! But aside from this, and trusted care are just two of many excellent directories available for you. You can search here based off your preferences to narrow down your choices.


  • Contact homes you are interested in to request a brochure or further information if you would like it. You can also phone to speak to the manager who will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Don’t be afraid of supposed ‘silly’ questions, we understand the importance of the decision and besides, believe us when we say that they will have heard a lot worse!



  • Now it is time to make your decision. But if no one is right for you, don’t be afraid to go back to stage 2 and have another look for what’s available. More time now may save you time and stress later down the line. Depending on your initial thoughts of the home, you may want to complete an assessment on site with the manager straight away. They will sit and ask you questions about the care you need and help guide you through the next stage of the process. If need to go away and think, then you can always revisit or complete this process by email or over the phone.


  • You should now be in the safe hands of a lovely new home, who will support you with your onboarding and anything that may need sorting or signing. The hard work will have paid off and an exciting new chapter of life is about to start…