Introducing our philanthropic side…

Introducing our philanthropic side…

‘No one has ever become poor by giving.’ – Anne Frank

We are excited to announce that Midlands Care have launched an active philanthropic strategy incorporated within its business model. This means WE will actively promote, support, and engage in fundraising activities to help others and we will make contributions to UK registered Charities.

We have been silently supporting charities for over a decade but feel we should now bring this into our business model. We already have multiple charities on our panel who we have supported over the years. We would love to hear from you about any charities close to your heart.

A ‘panel status’ charity will receive regular or occasional contributions from Midlands Care and it will remain a preferred charity to raise funds for by the Midlands Care Family. When staff teams, departments or homes raise funds for a panel status charity -they could take advantage of our ‘Double up contribution’ scheme. This means Midlands care will double up to a £1000 raised by you!

Planning your next fund-raising event or considering doing something for a good cause? – Take advantage of our double up scheme and make double the difference!

You will be seeing more and more about this in Jordans monthly news letters too. Read on below to see which Foodbank we are contributing towards and why we just donated £2,000 to Healing Little Hearts.

Times are hard! – Why now?

…Because our Directors feel that this is the best time to incorporate a philanthropic strategy into the work we all do. Thousands of people are less fortunate and need us more than ever before. Simple!

We are proud of launching our philanthropy strategy at a time when thousands of organisations are abandoning their plans.