Leicester, 11th July 2023 – Midlands Care is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Gokul Vrandavan Care Home on Windsor Avenue in Leicester. This facility has been dedicated to providing culturally appropriate care to the Gujarati community, offering an Asian lifestyle that resonates with the local elderly population. With culturally tailored person-centred care plans and a focus on delicious vegetarian cuisine, the home ensures its residents’ utmost comfort and familiarity.

This strategic opportunity has allowed Midlands Care to further its commitment to inclusivity and expand its range of care facilities to cater to the needs of local elders from diverse faith backgrounds. The newly acquired purpose-built home, consisting of 27 single en suite bedrooms, has seamlessly merged with an existing residential facility to create a comprehensive care environment. The reason for acquiring this service was for the group to extend its services and become an inclusive regional organisation.

Midlands Care is pleased to welcome back Sailesh Raja, founder of Midlands Care who will play a vital role in the ongoing leadership and management of the home. His extensive experience and dedication to serving the Gujarati community will significantly contribute to the facility’s continued success and cultural appropriateness. Additionally, Pradeep Patel, Operations Director, will provide invaluable expertise and support to maintain the highest standards of care whilst working with the existing staff team and Keilash Mcilwee, Registered Manager

Mr Shyamal Raja, Managing Director said:    “I vividly recall when my father visited the original building two decades ago. Evidently, he had a strong desire to acquire it, but he couldn’t make it happen for reasons beyond his control. Over the years, he occasionally reminded me and Sagar about the immense potential this opportunity held to serve the local community, which he held dear. The building was purchased by Mr Pabari, who later acquired the land next door and built a purpose-built facility before joining into the original building.” 

Shyamal added, “Now, it brings me great joy to announce that, through a meticulously arranged, highly confidential off-market deal, we have completed the takeover of Gokul-Vrandavan Residential Home. The entire process was shrouded in secrecy, with my father completely unaware. Sagar and I orchestrated the service transfer from Mr. Pabari to Midlands Care, creating a wonderful surprise.”

 “I eagerly anticipate the collaborative efforts ahead and the enhancement of the already exceptional level of care we provide to those entrusted to our care. Together, we will strive to positively impact the lives of our residents and the community we serve.”

The off market transaction was arranged in a private deal between Mr Pabari and Shyamal. Shyamal said, “Mr Pabari has been a gentleman to work with right from the moment he first approached me till the day of completion. I want to thank him and Mrs. Pabari of Parcs Healthcare, for their invaluable collaboration and seamless handover of Gokul Vrandavan to Midlands Care. Their close cooperation and support have played a significant role in ensuring a smooth ownership transition.”

With this acquisition, Midlands Care solidifies its position as a multicultural and diverse organisation equipped to meet the unique needs of the local elderly community. Midlands Care remains dedicated to providing exceptional care, maintaining cultural sensitivity, and upholding its mission of enriching the lives of residents from all backgrounds and faiths.

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Mr Sagar Raja on 0116296 7744

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