George Hythe House Care Home and Holmfield Dementia Day Centre, in Leicester, have been sold by social landlord and care provider Nottingham Community Housing Association.

The services will now be owned and managed by a private, specialist care provider, S5 Care Ltd.

A statement from Nottingham Community Housing Association said: “We are very proud of the excellent care provided at both George Hythe House and Holmfield and would like to thank our dedicated, hard-working teams there.

“As a social landlord and care provider across the East Midlands, our focus at NCHA is to offer care provision to those most in need. The majority of our care services are funded by local authorities. George Hythe House and Holmfield are funded in a different way and it hasn’t been an easy fit within NCHA’s core aims and wider organisational purpose.

“Over the last five years we have worked hard to make these services financially viable. In 2017 the NCHA Board agreed a financial recovery plan, including asking all new George Hythe House residents to pay a self-funded weekly top-up fee.

“More recently however, it has been decided that the provision of older person’s registered care homes is not a future priority for NCHA. This and the ongoing financial losses being made at George Hythe House have led to the reluctant decision to sell the buildings and the services.

“After much consideration we have concluded that for these quality services to continue to be a success, they will be better owned and managed by a private, specialist care provider, S5 Care Ltd.

“S5 Care Ltd recognises the brilliant opportunity and potential George Hythe House and Holmfield have in becoming leading care providers in Leicestershire.

“In the near future there will be reviews and vital changes made to safeguard the financial future of George Hythe House and Holmfield, but residents and their families should rest assured that the quality care on offer will remain a constant. Any future changes will be carefully implemented and monitored, with the needs of residents at the heart of all decisions.”

Claire Ward, Business Manager at S5 Care Ltd said: “There are likely to be several challenges that lie ahead, but we are determined to make sure that George Hythe House and Holmfield Day Centre become financially sustainable and stable in the near future.

“The new management team is very much looking forward to meeting residents and their families to ensure that the home is operated in the most efficient way, whilst maintaining the very best standards of care.”

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