Leicester is an excellent place for foodies and it houses are care home in Leicester. There are plenty of great places to eat, ranging from affordable restaurants to luxury eateries. This excellent range of options caters to students, locals and even those dropping by for a quick visit.

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The city has amazing restaurants, cafés and pubs within the city centre and excellent alternatives in the leafy suburbs if you prefer having your meal in peace and tranquillity. If you need some help touring some of the best food joints in Leicester, this list of the best five will get you started with some of the best.

  1. The Joiners (Bruntingthorpe)

Bruntingthorpe is a lovely village sitting on the outskirts of Leicester. The village is home to Joiners, one of the finest gastro pub cuisines in the region for a number of years now. The team that runs this place also has another one called The Boot Room, another fan-favourite in the region.

The menu at Joiners is what wins it for this joint. The restaurant and pub only uses the best quality ingredients with a fine wine selection that is artistically matched to the crafted food menu. The level of quality of the food in this restaurant speaks for itself.

For lovers of fine dining, this restaurant ticks on all the right boxes. It is one of the only two restaurants in the whole of Leicester to be awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand award.

  1. Oggi Simply Italian (London Road)

Lovers of Italian food can stroll down to Oggi, which is the home of Italian cuisine in Leicester. Unlike most restaurants that claim the tag without the food, Oggi has a head chef who is a quintessential authentic Italian who has developed the menu for over a quarter of a century.

The menu reflects everything Italian, including the traditional aspects of Italian cuisine while also incorporating some carefully selected modern dishes.

The restaurant prides itself in delivering outstanding flavours and dishes that are the same as what you would find in the heart of Italy. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to find other Italian restaurants that can match what Oggi offers.

  1. Kayal (Granby Street)

The Golden Mile is one of the must-visit places in Leicester. The exceptional market is also home to Kayal, one of the vibrant selections of south Indian cuisine restaurants. Kayal is an Indian restaurant that focuses on delectable seafood recipes and delivers beyond expectations.

The restaurant was opened by many locals and has continued to grow because of the strong foundation of good recipes and quality suppliers the restaurant has.

The restaurant credits its success to using quality ingredients and outstanding detail in its recipes, ensuring every mouthful is full of flavour coupled with remarkable service from the waiting staff.

  1. Shivalli (Welford Road)

Still on Indian foods, but this time for vegans and vegetarians, Shivalli is the place to be. It’s an amazing restaurant that has to take the time to perfect its vegetarian menu to exquisite levels.

Shivalli combines the best Indian cuisine with the best vegetables that Leicester has to offer. It a vegetarian haven right in the heart of Leicester.

The restaurant even goes as far as serving some of its dishes on plantain leaves, capitalising on the edge that Indian cuisine has on vegetarian dishes.

  1. Knight & Garter (Hotel Street)

If budget is not a problem for you, as long as you get the best meals in the world, stroll down to Knight & Garter. It’s an extravagant bar and restaurant offering the finest beef from Owen Taylor in Derbyshire.

You can access the brasserie-styled restaurant through a hidden door that offers a stylish and exclusive feel. It has a sleek and luxurious décor to match its food quality and flavours.

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While here, expect nothing short of stellar excellence while giving you value for every item on the menu. There’s also a bright and light bar area where you can sit and enjoy the best drinks in the locality while taking in the luxurious ambience.

Closing Remarks

Leicester might not be the food capital of the world, but it has plenty to offer for visitors and locals interested in the food scene. The restaurants here are vibrant, offering unique menus and given their multi-cultural composition, expect to find authentic meals from various countries.