Are you looking for some outdoor fun with your spouse or family? Leicester has plenty of options for you. With carefully balanced indoor and outdoor activities, there’s plenty for you to enjoy in Leicester in good and bad weather. At Midlands Care Homes Leicester, we break down the best day out activities to do in Leicester!

  1. Jump Giants

Jump Giants is a fun place to be for the entire family. The 35,000 square feet indoor facility incorporates various activities for adults, kids and families that you can indulge in for a day calorie burning and fun.

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Some of the facilities you can enjoy while here include the jump zone, dodgeball, basketball, foam zone, open jump, ninja court, battle beams and wipe out.

In case you get hungry in the middle of the action, there’s a courtside café where you can refill before continuing with the fun.

Jump Giants was one of the first indoor trampoline parks in the UK with over 50,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines and other state of the art equipment. Its foam zone is also one of a kind featuring the world’s first 8-lane entry foam zone.

  1. Great Central Railway

Located in Loughborough, Leicester, the Great Central Railway is the only double track in the UK. It’s the only place in the world where you get to see full-sized steam engines passing each other, just as it was back in the day when steam engines dominated the rails.

The trains are fully functional and run every weekend of the year, on bank holidays and selected days through the summer.

In addition to the luxurious train rides, you can also join the Drive a Locomotive Experience and bring your childhood dreams to life by taking charge of the regulator. There are plenty of special events including the Steam Galas, Bonfire Night, the 1940s Wartime Weekend and Santa Specials over the festive season. The best time to visit the station is during these invents to make the most of out of your visit.

  1. Armourgeddon – The Home of Tank Paintball Battles

Armourgeddon is the perfect place for visitors with a knack for adrenaline. It’s a totally different and exhilarating paintball battle that will keep you coming back at every opportunity you get.

Experience the excitement of driving tanks and other military vehicles through different courses that are set in a World War II bombing range located in Leicester.

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There is a wide range of activities to complete for individuals, groups, and even private party. The most popular of the events is the Tank Paintball Battle. This escapade takes all the fun of paintballs takes it to another level but without the pain.

The tanks take hits as you take on the controls. Tanks, guns, cannons and mud – what else could you want from a day out?

  1. King Richard III Visitor Centre

The King Richard III visitor centre offers plenty to discover. It houses the incredible story of the last English King to die in battle with the backing of a full DNA test.

In the centre, you will get to learn how King Richard III rose to power and the turns and twists revolving around his life. The centre also gives you an opportunity to play a real-life detective as you uncover the plotline, the family connections and birthrights that create the intricate web of stories of mystery, mayhem and murder.

There’s no shortage of information, excitement and mystery at the centre. It’s an excellent destination for family fun and a trip down history lane.

  1. The Famous Wistow Maize Maze

The Wistow Maize Maze is the winner of the “Best Visitor Attraction” in Leicester and a fun destination for you and your family on your day out.

You get a chance to explore one of the country’s largest maize mazes. It is set in an 8-acre piece of land with living maize and sunflower crops.

The maze is perfect for all ages. There are a dozen quiz boards hidden amongst the 3 miles of path and high-level bridges and viewing towers that give a stunning panoramic view of the plantation.

The activity is another excellent place to visit with the maze. It comprises mini mazes and games that you can use to practice your maze solving skills before going on to the real thing.

Closing Remarks

Leicester has plenty of activities you can consider for a fun day out. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed day, a laid-back activity packed with information or activities that will test your problem-solving skills, Leicester has just the activity for you.