By Alex Cooke   26.3.24

Assumptions, for better or worse we all make them, and the care industry is subject to many. Before taking that step into care, we have found a great deal of people have very little actual information or understanding for the reality of living in a residential care home. We are on a mission to change this. Through our various channels of communication, we hope to share more content that helps people see the true experience of life and work in our homes. Just take our recent video shared on social media, conceptualised and made by everyone at Gokul-Vrandavan, who took it upon themselves to show what they think of these silly assumptions.


So what are the most common assumptions made about care and how are we fighting them?


The Staff Don’t Care

At Midlands Care, we select our staff based on values more than anything else. The core and shared understanding that our residents come before anything, and we are here for them. This is something that is evident every day, therefore, in the practices and methods of those that work for us. Whatever the job role, you don’t have to look hard to see staff that do care and will go out of their way to prove this. Working overtime to arrange personal events, holdings hands at appointments and ordering special gifts and food items to meet residents’ desires and needs.


Practices Are Outdated

Our dedicated teams, both on site and in head office, are constantly working to improve our systems and practices. Just recently, for example, we integrated to a new online medication system that allows allocation and dispensary to be better monitored. We respect the traditions and values of our residents, so of course there are times when these traditions are honoured. But this should by no means be confused for stale and outdated homes. But hey, if you don’t believe us, take a look at our Tik Toks!


No Privacy

All residents have their rooms, a private space where they are free to go for some alone time or with visitors of any nature. Residents are also encouraged to fill their space with personal belongings, all of which are of course are there to enhance their right to feel at home. Any steps taken into this personal space would only ever been when related to the well-being or safety of a resident. As you would expect for a home of any nature, staff knock on entry and would never attempt to barge into personal practices or preferences unless completely necessary. If anything, our staff are trained to assist residents in this regard. Working their hardest to give residents the autonomy and privacy they desire in the safest possible way.



Any big change can be scary and taking the step into the a new environment would make anyone feel a little alone at times. But don’t worry, just like the first day at school, you will make connections fast and this feeling will soon go! Our dedicated teams are mindful of this and do their upmost to be welcoming, offering comforts unique to each resident to assist in the transition. Our busy activity schedules also aid in finding connection through mutual activity and give constant opportunity for socialisation if desired. We have found that care homes are often the very opposite of lonely, you are given a big new family of like-minded individuals who are there to welcome you.


I hope that this blog has helped to enhance your understanding, even just a little, on the reality of care. So that you are better able to see the wonderful opportunities that it brings. To see more myth busting, videos and insights into our home, you can follow us on social media: @midlandscare

Thank you for reading!