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When been admitted in to one of Midlands Care homes, the home manager would agree with the service user and relatives an individual care plan with the emphasis placed on independent living and self-respect. We welcome relatives, close friends or social services support workers in taking an active role in this and all future care reviews. The individual care plan details the daily support which is to be provided to each service user according to their individual needs and daily routines along with preferences of lifestyle which is reviewed regularly.

A care plan is a confidential record of an individual service users medical and person care including daily records. All the care staff endeavour to follow the care plan when providing care, support and assistance to ensure each service user receives a continuous high standard of individual quality care. The care home manager and care team work closely with families, friends, social workers and doctors to provide the correct level and type of care required.

Aims and Objectives
We understand that everyone has worked hard throughout their life and therefore feel each service user living at one of our homes deserves every extra effort. With many years of experience, we can pride ourselves in being able to offer a very high level of professional care and choice of living. In our homes, each service user’s individuality is respected and promoted by carers who have the ability and skill to give attention to detail and at the same time the service users have the choice of enjoying the company of many like-minded clients.

Each service user remains their rights to have privacy and therefore would be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish.

We understand that many service users come from various backgrounds and hold different views. We ensure that all the service users are treated equally and with full respect by all carers and management staff.

At Midlands Care, we promote service users to make their own decisions and also to think and act themselves. We would at the same time take calculated risks in to consideration to provide the same; high level of quality care.

The choice of a service user can range from choosing food to taking parts in activities. Each service user is given the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.

At all our care homes, we like keeping all basic human rights available to each service user. Fulfilment

We enable each service user to realise their own aims and help them to achieve their goals in all aspects of daily living. We motivate each service user in helping them live a better life in a home away from home.

At Midlands Care, the service user(s) have a choice to be assisted with medication by carers or to me self-medicated. For those who choose to be self-medicated, we carry out a risk assessment and comply this with our self-medication policies and procedures. You may wish to take charge and dispense your own prescribed medication with our carers still available to help and provide advice when required. We cannot accept any responsibility of misuse of medication if the service user has chosen to be self-medicated. If otherwise, all the medication will be managed by our dedicated carers and dispensed and ordered by us as per/under instructions from the doctor. You may also request to see a doctor in private if you wish.
St Martins
189 Woodway Lane

Tel: 02476 621298
The Leys
63 Booth Rise

Tel: 01604 642030
West View
136 Leicester Road
Glen Parva

Tel: 0116 277 3896
Portland House
Portland Road
Kirby Muxloe

Tel: 0116 239 3056
Long Lea
113 The Long Shoot
CV11 6JG

Tel: 02476 370 553
Alston House
Alston House
380 Aylestone Road

Tel: 0116 291 5601
  • The Leys
    All too often we hear negative reports about care for the elderly. I would like to say something positive about the care home that my mother in law lived in. Sadly, she passed away in April 2014, but she lived at The Leys, Booth Rise, Northampton, for the last six and a half years of her life. They showed her nothing but compassion, affection and respect. The staff were dedicated, friendly and always treated everyone with respect. People who choose to be carers are really special people. I sincerely thank all the staff at The Leys for the excellent care they gave to my mother in law.

    – Eileen (Daughter-in-law of Service User)

  • West View

    The home is very clean and never smells. The staff are very kind to residents and to myself. The food is very good an lots of encouragement to eat is given by the staff. Health and safety always being attended to. Activities for people with dementia I have only put good because they cant always participate due to the demand so only good. I feel I can always ask staff for support. Mum was in other home this is much better and Abbey the manager is excellent

    – Susan B (Daughter of Service User)

  • West View

    I would like to thank the home for providing Bert with a home he was very happy in. Also for giving Bert your time to visit him in hospital; Bert really appreciated this. Thank you for your kindness you showed me towards the last few weeks of Berts life. It was a great comfort. Thanks again!

    – Pat B (Friend of Service User)